Useful tips that would really help you in choosing the best car rental in Cairo

When you are renting a car, it is not just the cost that you have to look at. There are several factors other than the cost, if you have to make your trip and travel a hazel free one. So, we are now giving you with car rental tips to use when you rent a car in Cairo.

First thing you have to keep in mind is the number of person traveling along with you and of course, their age too. If you are traveling with two or three other persons, just an ordinary sedan is enough. Still, you have to check some more aspects if you have a kid. A kid below 5 years of age especially requires safety seat, so that the kid can enjoy the trip in a more convenient way. Whereas, if you are taking more than 4 people along with you, do not book a sedan, and then later suffer with lack of space. Go for a convertible or a jeep instead. Again, give a second thought before booking a jeep, if elderly person are going to travel with you.

Second thing you have to consider is the hidden costs while renting a car. This car rental tip is the most important one for you to save your rental cost in Cairo. When you are booking a car online, you have to be extra cautious, because many car rental agencies levy hidden costs and extra costs by the name of terms and conditions. It is always better to make a call to the customer service agent of the company and be sure of the exact cost you would be required to pay.

Another easier car rental tip is to join the membership scheme in the car rental agency and be a regular customer to it. It always saves you a lot of buck compared to renting with a different car agent every time. You shall avail discount coupons and free rental schemes when you become a regular customer. Another important point to keep in mind is to check the car while taking it away for drive and before returning back to the rental agents. There are chances that you may be accused of any damage noticed at the time of giving back the car and you would be put in the position of paying for the damage.

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