Discover Zurich with a Porsche

City driving is one of the fun ways to discover Zurich. Its streets are filled with lots of bars and party house. You’ll meet a lot of people, and often times you’ll crash into someone else’s party. Well, you’ll do that anyway. Why not do it with style. Imagine, crashing into someone else’s party in a fast and furious fashion, do it with a sports car. Drive your way to the party with the 911 model. Going to a beach to party, bring some beach stuff along with you with the Cayenne – their SUV model. How about having a date with a new found date with the Cayman model? No matter what kind of fun, discovery or party you are going, Porsche is the best way to drive along with you.

Porsche is a German car manufacturer specializing in sports cars, SUVs, high-performance cars, hyper cars, and sedans. It is headquartered in Stuttgart. Their current line of car models include the 918, 911, Macan, Cayman, Boxster, Panameram and Cayenne. With Cayman being the brand’s flagship model, it boasts a 325hp engine that could fly to 100km/hr. in just seconds. Underneath the hood is a 2.7 liter flat-six engines for Cayman, and 3.4 liter for Cayman S, equipped with either manual or automatic transmission. Cayman is a sensational car to drive, with its price tag; it is the best car to drive in its class. If you want an SUV however, the car also offers one hell of a vehicle, the Cayenne. This model is one of the brand’s most powerful cars. With its 550bhp propelling, it climbs to 62mph in just 4.5 seconds. It’s an SUV with a sports car’s attitude. With its size, it’s amazingly fast and powerful.

When planning to have a city driving in Zurich, consider this brand. We have a fleet of its other models. We are the most affordable and reliable car rental company in town. Reach us now and make a reservation. Registration is easy; just provide your information details and we’ll process the rest for you. Be excited and enjoy your ride.

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