Find the joys in simple things. Enjoy Rome with Fiat

Experience the joy of a simple hangout with a simple car – Fiat 500. You can drive it anywhere. It has enough power for you to enjoy high-speed driving. You can even bring it to the mountains; it has enough torque to bring you up top. It is powered by a 135-hp turbo engine and a superb racy suspension.  For stylish drivers, there is also a sliding-soft-top Cabrio model. You can enjoy real city driving with this car.

It is a city car with a styling of a crossover body. Its design got its style from the retro days. Its cute look makes it unique from other sharp and fierce looking cars. It has a very clever design, some of its functionalities are like of those you see with big bumpers and greasy tires but this, and it’s not as bloated as you might think. It’s just like a sedan after all. When you get inside the car, the cozy interior will greet you with a smile. It has a remote keyless entry with integrated key transmitter and illuminated entry. It will feel so amazing getting inside this small car. With chrome interior accents and body-colored instrument panel, you’ll surely enjoy the experience all the way. You’ll enjoy the comfort its interior brings, plus it has a state of the art safety technology. It is built in with manual anti-whiplash adjustable front head restraints and manual adjustable rear head restraints. You don’t need to worry about your fast driving style, because this car will take care of the safety part.

Driving this car in Rome would be the perfect idea. Driving an agile auto with a functionality of a truck, it truly is swag. You can plan your weekend or holiday trip now with the thought of the paramount joy that Fiat undeniably brings. Hire a Fiat 500 while in Rome. It will surely make your stay worthwhile. We offer the best car brands and models in the market. Reach us now and we’ll make all the arrangements possible for you.

Image source: rome500exp

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